Oreo Ice Cream Dessert


9-10 inch spring form pan, lined with heavy foil. (you could use any baking dish; I prefer to line them with foil to pop the dessert out and cut with a large knife for neat squares or wedges)
1 package chocolate wafer cookies ~about 16.6 ounce package (I normally use Oreos, but the Walmart brand ‘Double Filled Fudge Twist & Shout chocolate sandwich cookies’ are under $2 and pretty tasty and that’s what was used here)
6 Tbs melted butter
1 Tbs granulated sugar
4 Tbs Hershey syrup, plus more for drizzling if desired
10 cups vanilla ice cream
8 ounces hot fudge, warmed to spreading consistency
½ cup peanuts

Preparation method

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